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Dr Marc-Olivier Gauci, PhD

Research Theme

Development of a digital twin of the « trauma patient » to develop 3D modeling solutions to assist in diagnosis, decision making (imaging processing, AI, Cloud computing) and preoperative applications (mixed reality and proximity 3D printing).

Involved Teams

4 Clinic Departments
6 Academic research teams
3 Industrial partners


The FHU Plan & Go is structured around 4 technological platforms and will feed 3 projects: Healthcare projects, research projects, educational projects.

Sum up of the federation projects

From the preoperative planning to the interventional gesture, actors and technologies are multiple and need a perfect synchronization. Plan&Go aims to carry out the performance-guided concept by shortening the time from planning to procedure by decreasing the sources of errors, by internalizing the automated planning tools and processes at care facilities, and by empowering physicians. This project will address the fields of orthopedics and traumatology that all have those specific problematics.

Plan&Go ambition is structured around 6 related axis:

  1. Digital twin for an assisted diagnosis: will include the imaging data collection/labellization, automatization of the segmentation (AI U-Net architecture), anatomy and functional prediction (statistical shape model), and repositioning,
  2. Real time decision-making assistance: collaborative surgical planning web-platform with 3D-visualization, modeling, and assisted preoperative planning,
  3. 3D-printed patient-specific instrumentation and models: preoperative simulation, training and intraoperative guidance,
  4. 3D-printed patient-specific implants: anatomical and biomechanical reliability assessment and numerical simulation modulus with finite element analysis,
  5. Surgical guidance mixed-reality application: imaging display, planning steps review, intraoperative guidance, hologram resetting,
  6. Education digital and collaborative tools, platforms and programs.

Achieving such goal will require the structuration of 4 technologic platforms:

  • a structured and shared imaging data hub,
  • an augmented operating room,
  • an additive manufacturing platform for a deported printing of patient-specific models and instrumentation,
  • a metaverse with a surgical planning web-platform. A 360°-evaluation process will support proper integration and valorization in the workflow of a specific healthcare ecosystem.

Pedagogical aspects will be particularly addressed and will benefit from those 4 platforms from the initial to the continuing education. Specific education programs will be offered, and lectures will be integrated on local, national, and international already structured e-learning platforms. Finally, workshops on models and virtual simulation will be used for advanced surgical and interventional learning. Special events dedicated to experts but also to a broader audience including the general public will be proposed.

Mechanism of the FHU Plan & Go

Le FHU Plan & Go vise à mettre en œuvre le concept de performance guidée en réduisant le temps entre la planification et l’intervention.
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